Grid is a female-owned company which began with the merging of Jeana's passion for Tiny Houses and sustainability, Danyelle's passion for entrepreneurship and small local businesses, and a mutual love of waffles. Our food trailer was built entirely from scratch by Jeana & Danyelle (and a little help from friends and family).

Food waste is a major problem in the US, and 40% of food ends up in the garbage every year*. Not many people will be taking home leftovers from a food truck, meaning leftover food from huge portion sizes typically ends up in landfills.

At Grid we offer control over portion sizes in order to reduce food waste. A double order is 2 waffles on a stick, which is just about 1/2 of a conventional waffle. We have found that this is enough food to satiate most people, but if you're really hungry you can order a Triple or Quad. And you're always free to mix-and-match flavors, so you can try several of our sweet or savory flavors.

*Source: 2012 study by the National Resources Defense Council.